Monday, August 2, 2010


Who is Satan? Satan is known as an adversary or accuser. Satan is the ruler of the fallen angels and is very active against God. However, Satan is not close to or equal to God, nor does he threaten God’s power. Praise the Lord! Satan has lots of names, such as EVIL ONE, THE FATHER OF LIES, THE GOD OF THIS WORLD, PRINCE OF POWER OF THE AIR, TEMPTER, RULER OF THIS WORLD, AN ACCUSER, SERPENT OR DRAGON AND MUCH MORE. Let’s see what is written in (NLT) Rev. 12: 7-9, Then there was war in heaven. Michael and the angels under his command fought the dragon and his angels. 8 And the dragon lost the battle and was forced out of heaven. 9 This great dragon-the ancient serpent called the Devil or Satan; the one deceiving the whole world- was thrown down to earth with all his angels. As you can see, the symbol of the serpent or dragon is Satan or the Devil.

Some people still believe today, the symbol of a serpent or dragon is considered good luck or good fortune. But not to me, I have seen some people put a tattoo on their body of a dragon, without realizing it is a symbol of Satan and sometimes they get into trouble with the demonic spirits. I don’t blame the demonic spirits for approaching that person, because it is their symbol. Don’t you agree with me?

I had an experience where a man has a tattoo on his back and it got him and his family into trouble. He told me, he has a tattoo on his back of a dragon, when he removed his shirt and turned around, there was a vicious looking dragon tattoo. It covered practically the entire area of his back; it has dragon claws ripping part of his flesh with reddish color blood dripping down his back. The dragon was a blue-black color and the eyes were a reddish color with black eyeballs. At that time, I must admit it was something to look at.

Anyway, we all sat in the living room and I asked him several questions, such as when he got the tattoo on his back? When did these problems start? What had happened? He told me, he got his tattoo about two years ago. One weekend, on a Saturday, while he was mowing his lawn on a very hot day, he removed his shirt and continued to mow. When he completed mowing his lawn, he went into his home to drink a glass of water. That night some strange things started to happen, noises and sounds came from within their home, so he and his wife with their children got out of their beds to look around and they saw nothing at their home. His wife and children were very frightened that night.

The next morning he called his mother and explained to her what had happened in their home, so she made some inquiries and someone referred me to them to see if I could help her son and his family. After making the appointment, I went to his home. I prayed and blessed his home, wife, and their children and also the dragon tattoo on his back in Jesus Mighty Name. While I was praying on his forehead, I noticed perspiration was dripping down from his forehead and when I command the demonic spirit to come out of him in Jesus Mighty Name, instantly he fell backwards and a quiet, low groaning sound came out of his mouth. Fortunately he didn’t hit his head on any furniture in his home.

He was lying on the living room floor for approximately 5 to 7 minutes then he got up and I started to explain to him about dragons. I told him it is the symbol of Satan or the Devil and sometimes people may get into trouble. He told me he didn’t know about it. He asked me how he could prevent this from happening again? I told him, if somehow he could remove this tattoo from his back or never remove his shirt outside of his home. I told him, let’s say you remove your shirt and it just so happens that a demonic Spirit was passing by, it may follow you to your home and trouble may start all over again. At that time, his face had a very disappointed look. I pray he will follow my instructions for his family’s sake. Well, so much about the dragon tattoo.

Sometimes, I have received phone calls after the Halloween holiday. People sometimes have problems within their homes. I don’t know, if it was a coincidental or not, because of Halloween or it could have been it was there and they didn’t know about it. I have seen children wearing all kinds of different costumes, such as dragons, witches, goblins, devils, vampires with blood dripping from the mouths and many more weird outfits.

During Halloween, many innocent children walk down the street with flashlights in their hands and also holding a bag for the candies they expect to receive by visiting many homes and saying, “Treat or Trick”. All of these symbols are of Satan or the Devil. Now, I am not saying all those people who are wearing those weird costumes will have problems. NO! It may happen or may not happen to you and your family. However, you could be the unfortunate one, and then problems may arise upon you or your family. For me, I wouldn’t participate at all, but what can I say or do? I only can pray to the Lord to protect each and every one of them against the wiles of the devil, in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen!

The moral of this message is we cannot give Satan any reason for him to come to us.


I pray this message will be very informative to you and your family.

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